Pleasanton, CA (August 11, 2015) MEDEA Vodka, the world’s only spirit with a customizable LED message band on the bottle, is expanding across the Continent as the brand continues to grow at a rapid pace.

Orders for MEDEA Vodka are booming. Consumers are constantly calling for something new and different.  MEDEA is answering their call with a great tasting vodka and its value added technology,” said Brandon Laidlaw, President of MEDEA. “Retailers have been quick to see the excitement MEDEA generates when customers view the bottle,” he added.

The highly acclaimed MEDEA Vodka continues its expansion across America.  This one of a kind spirit not only has an award-winning taste, but is also the perfect gift and drink for entertaining. Already a hit in Hawaii and California, MEDEA is now available from the Northwest to the Southeast in the states of Washington, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, South Carolina, New York, and New Jersey.

MEDEA continues to fly off the shelves, enticing consumers with its fusion of great taste and technology.   Recently, Medea, Inc. announced its forthcoming Bluetooth App for smart phones, will be available in early Fall.  The emergence of this innovative technology in the spirits world is not only a hit with consumers, it is also creating a sensation in the on-premise markets. Bar and nightclub owners are beginning to realize the value of MEDEA to their bottom line. With the bottle’s data collection capability, on-premise owners will be able to control pour costs and utilize MEDEA as a day-to-day marketing tool for their business.

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